Elitech ECS-02CX Digital Temperature Controller

Elitech ECS-02CX Digital Temperature Controller

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Elitech ECS-02CX Digital Temperature Controller 110V Fahrenheit and Centigrade Thermostat Cooling Heating


  • Stable & reliable: approved for Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC) testing
  • Set parameters easily and conveniently via a copy card
  • Sensor error alarm
  • Convenient plug-in connection terminal
  • Two-stage output functions: cooling, heating, defrosting
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  • ECS-02CX is a small, high-precision, easy-to-operate temperature controller, suitable for temperature control of cooling, defrosting, and fan.
  • It supports temperature measurement, display and controlling, temperature calibration, sensor failure alarm, Fahrenheit.
  • Two way input: room-temperature sensor, defrosting sensor.
  • One way output: cooling, defrosting, and fan.
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