Elitech TPM-950/960/970/980

Elitech TPM-950/960/970/980

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  • Match with Refulgence Series controllers.
  • Communicate with the controller to display real-time temperature.
  • Fully waterproof, safe and artistic.
  • Silk-screen symbol front panel can be tailored.


  • Independent panel meter.
  • Measurement unit: °F/°C. Calibration temperature and display resolution is set Ka default.
  • Fully waterproof. simple and artistic.
  • Blade terminal connecters provide convenience for production and after-sale service to professional equipment manufacturers.
  • Silk-screen symbol in front panel can be tailored.
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Product Parameter

Model: ТPМ-950/970

Power Supply 5VDC±10%(No independent power supply needed as it matches with controllers)
Overall Power Consumption <1W
Temperature Display Range -99°C-99.9°C or 99°F-999°F
Resolution 1°C(-99°C~-10°C), 0.1°C(-9.9°C~99.9°C); 1°F
Product size (mm) 70×23.5×17.2 (TPM-950) / 106X68X25 (TPM-970)
Mounting size (mm) 65.5×19 (TPM-950) / 97×51 (TPM-970)


Power Supply 110~220VAC±10%, 50/60Hz
Overall Power Consumption <1W
Measuring Range -50°C~120°C or -58°F~248°F
Accuracy ±1°C(-40°C~50°C), ±2°C(51°C~70°C); ±3°C(others)
Resolution 1/0.1°C/°F
Calibration temperature -5~5°C
Product size (mm) 70×23.5×34.20(TPM-960) / 106X68X25 (TPM-980)
Mounting size (mm) 65.5×19(TPM-960) / 91X51 (TPM-980)
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