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Looking for R404A refrigerant gases for your refrigeration needs? We have them from various brands, such as Westron, Maxron, Eliwell and more. R404A refrigerant gases are HFC blends that have zero ODP and lower GWP than some other HFC blends. They are safe, efficient, and compatible with many refrigerants. However, they have high GWP of 3920, so check the local regulations and your equipment before buying. Contact us for any questions or assistance. Browse our selection of R404A refrigerant gases and get a best quote today!

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Composition of R404a Refrigerant Gas

Al Tawakkal Gen Trdg presents you with its exclusive range of R404a Refrigerant which is a perfect nearly Azeotropic Blend of the other three refrigerants- HFC-125, HFC-143a, and HFC-134a. This HFC blend was primarily designed to wipe out the other environment-destructing refrigerants; R22 and R502. The chemical composition of R404a comprises of 44% R-125, 52% R-143a, and 4% R134a. R404a was an ideal substitute for R22 and R502 as it was a retrofit solution for low and medium-temperature applications. Its excellent thermodynamic properties make it ideal for industrial and commercial refrigeration applications.  

Key Properties of R404a Gas

R404a is just like R22 but better with some additional properties and benefits.

Global Warming Potential:

R404a has a relatively low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 3922 than R22 and R502. It is still discouraged to use in newer commercial and Industrial applications due to its GWP which is comparatively higher than modern refrigerants. GWP measures the potential for a Refrigerant to contribute to global warming over a specified time frame.

Ozone Depletion Potential:

One good key property of R404a is its non-ozone-depleting capability. Due to its chlorine-free nature, R404a plays no role in damaging the Ozone Layer making it safe for the environment. Its ODP is 0.

Temperature Glide:

R404a has marvelous chemical stability and a low temperature glide of 0.7 which makes the evaporating and condensing process of refrigerant happen at slightly different temperatures.

Boiling Point:

The Boiling Point of R404a Refrigerant gas makes it ideal for low-temperature applications. Its Boiling Point is -46.4°C (-51.5°F).

The Physical Properties of R404a are given below in a table:

Molecular weight (g/mol) 97.61
Boiling point (at 1,013 bar) ºC -46.45
Sliding boiling (at 1,013 bar) (K) 0.7
Critical temperature ºC 72.07
Critical pressure (Bar abs) 37.31
Critical density (Kg/m3) 484
Liquid density(25ºC) (Kg/m3) 1048
Liquid density (-25ºC) (Kg/m3) 1236
Saturated vapor density (at 1,013 bar (Kg/m3) 5.41
Vapor pressure (25ºC) (Bar abs) 12.42
Vapor pressure (-25ºC) (Bar abs) 2.49
Latent heat of vaporization (at 1,013 bar) (Kj/Kg) 200
Specific heat of liquid at (25ºC) (1,013 bar) (Kj/Kg.K) 1.64
Specific heat of vapor at (25ºC) (1,013 bar) (Kj/Kg.K) 0.88
Thermal conductivity of liquid (25ºC) (W/mk) 0.064
Thermal conductivity of steam (1,013 bar) (W/mk) 0.0143
Solubility in water (25ºC) (Ppm) Negligible
Flammability Limit (25ºC) (%vol) None
Toxicity (AEL) (Ppm) 1000
GWP 3922*
ASHRAE Standard 34 Safety Rating A1

Pressure-Temperature Relationship:

R404a is quite versatile when it comes to operating at different Temperatures and Pressures. The R404a Pressure Temperature Chart is given below:

°F °C R-404A °F °C R-404A
-40 -40.0 4.3 60 15.6 123
-35 -37.2 6.8 65 18.3 135
-30 -34.4 9.5 70 21.1 147
-25 -31.7 12.5 75 23.9 159
-20 -28.9 15.7 80 26.7 173
-15 -26.1 19.3 85 29.4 187
-10 -23.3 23.2 90 32.2 202
-5 -20.6 27.5 95 35.0 218
0 -17.8 32.1 100 37.8 234
5 -15.0 37 105 40.6 252
10 -12.2 42.4 110 43.3 270
15 -9.4 48.2 115 46.1 289
20 -6.7 54.5 120 48.9 310
25 -3.9 61.2 125 51.7 331
30 -1.1 68.4 130 54.4 353
35 1.7 76.1 135 57.2 377
40 4.4 84.4 140 60.0 401
45 7.2 93.2 145 62.8 426
50 10.0 103 150 65.6 453
55 12.8 113

Benefits of R404a:

Environment-FriendlyR404a is highly environmentally friendly because of its 0 ODP. It doesn’t penetrate the ozone layer negatively.

Highly EfficientR404a is highly efficient when it comes to cooling in refrigeration applications. Its efficiency is not limited to only one or two applications but it provides unmatched cooling in every application; be it industrial applications or transportation refrigeration equipment.

Safe NatureThe refrigerant is classified as A1 from the ASHRAE safety class. It is non-flammable and non-toxic. It is safe to use, handle, and store. Steel Cylinders can also be utilized to store R404a in liquid form.

Cost-effectiveR404a is pretty cost-effective due to its wide availability. Unlike other refrigerants, you can find R404a easily in the market at comparatively low prices.

Smooth-TransitioningYou can rely on R404a to retrofit your older refrigeration systems which have been using R22 or R502 as their refrigerant. R404a can be easily transitioned from one system to another. However, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) recommend the use of Polyester oil in the system while the system is working with R404a.


R404a gas is used in multiple industries as a top choice of refrigerant. These industries are:

  • Commercial Refrigeration: Supermarkets, Grocery Stores, and Restaurants use R404a gas in walk-in coolers, freezers, and display cases.
  • Industrial Refrigeration: Here, R404a is used in cold storage, food processing, and other temperature-sensitive industries.
  • Transport Refrigeration: This industry uses R404a in refrigerated trucks and trailers to maintain cold chains for transporting perishable goods.
  • Air Conditioning: Some older refrigeration systems in commercial settings still use R404a as their refrigerant. However, newer models of refrigeration systems are moving towards more sustainable and environment-friendly options of refrigerants.

Safety Regulations:

According to EU F-gas Regulation 517/2014, manufacturing of new R404a plants will be prohibited from the beginning of 2020. This act bans every refrigerant which has a GWP of more than 2500.

However, R404a can still be used and recycled for maintenance purposes till the end of 2030. Plants are permitted to use R404a in their systems till it runs out of its lifespan.

The Brands We Deal In Are:

Al Tawakkal only deals in reputable, renowned, and quality brands that manufacture cost-effective products without compromising on the quality. The honorable brands that we deal in are:

Optimize your cooling systems with R404A refrigerant for peak performance and reliability. Don’t miss out – make the smart choice now and CONTACT US to purchase R404A today!

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