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Good Quality & Premium AC and Refrigerator Compressor: Best Compressor Suppliers UAE

Welcome to Al Tawakkal – a single destination for all your AC Compressors and Refrigerator Compressors needs. We provide an extensive range of compressors to fulfill your cooling requirements. Our compressors are equipped with substantial specifications and benefits leaving no room for fault and malfunctioning. Manufactured by the best manufacturers in the market, we only deliver top-notch quality products to our customers. No one knows the quality of our compressors better than we in the market, as our manufactured compressors have gone through several rough tests to prove their durability, and then only, they can make their place on our front shelves.

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What does an AC Compressor do?

Let’s give you a basic understanding of the main function of an AC compressor.

AC Compressor is considered the heart of an air conditioning system. Your Air conditioning system cannot work without the functioning process in it. Its main function is to pressurize the refrigerant so that it can expand before passing it to the condenser for cooling. After the expansion through the compressor, the condenser cools down the gas which further cools down your home.

Why Choose Our AC and Refrigerator Compressors?

Every AC and Refrigerator Compressor that we present to you is tested and encompasses various unique features. Each compressor is:

  • Tested various times to ensure its durability and longevity
  • Each unit is scrutinized thoroughly before arriving to you
  • Transshipment Inspection is done for each unit so that it can reach you undamaged.
  • Our compressor’s Functioning and Retrofitting meet or exceed OE requirements.
  • Our refurbished compressors are coreless and can be fitted to a profuse amount of compressors.
  • Our compressors are compatible with low GWP refrigerants and natural refrigerants including R290, R600a, R404a, R22, and many others.

Some other Features and Benefits of our compressors are:

Diverse Range:

We have all types of compressors. Whether you need Rotary Compressors or Reciprocating Compressors, we have the best of both. Our Compressors also come in Fixed-Speed and Variable Speed. Both of these AC and Refrigerator compressors can be used in Commercial refrigeration applications.

Scroll Compressors are also present with their exceptional Pressure range.

Compatible Size:

Our Engineers have developed very compact and lightweight compressors which are easy to mount anywhere. Also, our compressors are small; they don’t mess with the decorum of your space.

Noise Levels:

Our Compressors are soundproof or produce little to no sound contributing to a noise-pollution-free environment. Our AC and Refrigerator Compressors are perfect for residential areas as these areas prefer quiet operation of machines.

Efficient Cooling and Temperature Control:

Despite their compact size, they are meticulously efficient at cooling the spaces. Their pressure range and operating efficiency range from 4kW to 30kW. Our digital modulation system also helps you in saving extra electricity and operating costs by controlling capacity and modifying temperature control.

Signs of a Malfunctioned Compressor

If you possess an air conditioner, it means you have a compressor in it. However, with time the compressor can malfunction due to wear and tear. Some signs can indicate Your corrupt compressor.

  • A heated cabin space
  • Un moveable clutch
  • Is not cooling the living space as desired
  • Leaked Refrigerant
  • Loud Scratching or Grinding Noises come when operating the Compressor

Reasons for AC Compressor Malfunction

These Signs are caused by some overlooked compressor duties and maintenance that are as follows:

  • Subpar Lubrication/ Oiling (Lubricant should neither be too high nor too low)
  • Wrong Choice of Oil (Oil should be according to the specific part of the system and should be uncontaminated)
  • Replacing Compressor but ignoring Accumulator (YOU must replace the accumulator with the compressor)
  • Extra Pressure from the Compressor (The Compressor should exert an average amount of pressure; not too much, not too little)

Applications of our Compressors:

AC and Refrigerator Compressors find applications in various cooling systems, including:

Residential Cooling:

Our compressors are ideal for residential usage because of their noise reduction, compact size, and cooling. Our Compressors can be used in apartments and homes.

We not only have Air conditioner compressors but also Refrigerator Compressors for residential cooling.

Commercial Air Conditioning:

Our Compressors find a wide range of applications in the commercial industry. They can be used in Walk-in coolers, Refrigerated display cases, Ice machines, cold rooms, and glass-door merchandisers.

Food Service Industry:

Our compressors are reliable for the food industry and can be used in freezers, restaurants, hotels, and catering services to save perishable food from decaying.

Industrial Refrigeration:

Our Compressors can be used in industry spaces for cooling processes such as cold storage chambers.

Components of a Compressor

There are six components of a Compressor that work out the process of Compression, Condensation, Expansion, and Evaporation.

  • Thrust Bearings (endures stress from the belt)
  • Swash Plates, Valve, Shaft (Strengthen the whole machine, made with aluminum alloy)
  • Oil (Our compressors use only OE-specified oil)
  • Pistons (Operate effortlessly due to PRFE polished Surface)
  • Snap Rings (cope with high temperatures without any extra strain)
  • O-Rings and Seals (An additional kit for safe installation and leak prevention)

If you have any questions or need further assistance regarding AC and Refrigerator Compressors in Dubai, UAE, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our expert team is ready to provide guidance and support to help you make the right choice for your cooling system needs. Don’t compromise on cooling efficiency and reliability—choose the right compressor for your application today!

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