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Westron refrigerant gases

Refrigerant gases should withstand the test of time and provide consistent performance. The Westron refrigerant gases have been developed to achieve this and much more. So, to meet your unique refrigeration requirements while remaining eco-friendly, we can provide you with a variety of Westron refrigerant gases. What’s more, all of these refrigerant gases go through several stages of performance, quality, and safety checks. Explore Westron Refrigerant gases below.

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Westron Refrigerant Gases

  • Westron R-22

You will find most AC service personnel using this product to top up the gas pressure in the reciprocating compressor of your AC/HVAC unit. The Westron refrigerant R-22 gas is frequently used in household ACs but can also be used to make insecticides, aerosols, and fire-extinguishing agents. You can also use it as a base component for fluorinated macromolecular compounds.

  • Westron R-134A

Just like the R-22, you can use the Westron refrigerant R-134A in automobile ACs, and residential as well as commercial AC and HVAC systems. If you require refrigerant gases to be used in medium-temperature commercial, storage, industrial, and transport refrigeration, then the R-134A is best suited for your needs.

  • Westron R-404A

Being a blend of several Westron refrigerant gases, the R-404A has applications in food display cases, deep freezers, cold storage rooms, ice machines, and industrial refrigeration. However, if you need to use it in refrigerated trucks, containers, vessels, and trawler cold rooms, then it is best to use this gas in liquid form.

  • Westron R-407C

You will find that the Westron refrigerant gas R-407C is best suited for applications in unitary ACs, non-flooded evaporator chillers, as well as, medium-cooling commercial refrigerators. If you do not wish to use R-22 for environmental concerns, then we can provide you with the R-407C since it is a retrofit refrigerant for R-22.

  • Westron R-410A

You can safely use this gas in residential and commercial refrigerators as well as ACs and heat pumps due to its consistent performance. We can provide you with the R-410A Westron refrigerant gas as a replacement for R-22 if you have a higher energy efficiency requirement. However, to function optimally, it requires Polyolester (POE) lubricants.

  • Westron R-417A

The R-417A Westron refrigerant gas will be useful if you have requirements for plastic foam blowing, cleaning solvents, and propellants for pharmaceutical delivery. Moreover, if you wish to convert your R-22 units to R-417A, we also provide R-22 retrofit kits. With this, you can now use R-417A in your commercial refrigeration units.

  • Westron R-507A

If you are planning to fill gas in your commercial refrigeration systems, then the R-507A Westron refrigerant gas can be a great replacement for R-125 and R-143A. Besides, you can also use it in food display and storage cases, cold storage rooms, transport refrigeration, process refrigeration, and marine refrigeration.

Reliability and Safety with Westron Refrigerant Gases

The Westron refrigerant gases are preferred by many in the UAE because of their quality, consistency, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. For any queries regarding which refrigerant gas is best for your needs, please feel free to reach out to us.

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