Elitech MTC-5080

Elitech MTC-5080

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  • Safety & Quality: Passed EMC industrial four-level test, stable and reliable (passed lightning surge, cycle drop, and other tests to ensure reliable operation of the product in harsh environments.
  • High Accuracy: High-precision sensor and high-precision chip that can withstand 3000 times high and low-temperature shocks, with small drift and more stable performance.
  • Easy Operation: Multi-functional button panel, common functions can be operated with a single button and can be set without entering the menu.
  • Clear Display: Large-size panel, dual-screen temperature display, current temperature and set temperature shown intuitively.
  • Function: Refrigeration, defrosting, fan three-way output; storage temperature, defrosting temperature dual sensors.
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Applicable in cold storage control, provides refrigerating output, defrosting and other functions; possess temperature measurements, display, control, and over-limit temperature alarms and sensor faulty functions and etc.

Product Parameter

Model MTC-5080 MTC
Power Supply 220VAC±10%, 50/60HZ
Temperature Measurement Range -50°C~50°C
Temperature controlling range -50°C~50°C
Resolution ±1°C
Compressor output connect point capacity 8A/220VAC
Sensor type exported NTC sensor, lengths 2 meter NTC 2m
Case/shell materials grey ABS anti-flaming plastic case ABS
Product size (mm) 100x51x82.5
Mounting size (mm) 92×44
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