Elitech Vacuum Pump V700/V900/V1200

Elitech Vacuum Pump V700/V900/V1200

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  • 4 Inch Touch Intuitive Display
  • Innovative Top-up Handle
  • Ultra-High Accuracy
  • Type C charging and Reverse charging
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The process of vacuuming can be a little overwhelming for professionals of HVAC since they must be carefully aware of time and pressure of the vacuum, in additional to several tools that they may need it. Elitech has developed the intelligent V series vacuum pump. It is digital colorful touch screen device that you can have total control of the vacuum process with using your phone, it also displays real time graph of the vacuum process, leakage level and the time remaining to finish the job. Besides that, it counts with a built-in gauges, which make the need for extra tools unnecessary.

  • Intelligent Control of Motor and Solenoid Valve.
  • System Leakage Level Analysis.
  • Real-time Changes on Vacuum in Graph.
  • Estimated Job Competition Time.
  • 4″ Smart Touch Full-color Screen.
  • Data Monitoring and Analysis via App.


Model/Parameters V700 V900 V1200
2 stages
Power Supply
AC induction motor
Speed regulation
Fixed speed
Vacuum Accuracy
1-10000microns ±10% of reading ±10microns
10000-19000microns ±20% of reading
Usage Environment
Transmission distance
Limit Vacuum
15 micron
Pumping rate 7CFM(3L/S) 9CFM(4L/S) 12CFM(5L/S)
Motor Power 3/4hp/550w 1hp/750w 1hp/750w
Fuel Volume 22oz/650ml 22oz/650ml 25.3oz/750ml
Overall Dimension
Weight 34.2lbs/14.8KG 35.3lbs/15.3kg 36.8lbs/16jg
Air inlet
1/4 SAE
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