• MAXRON MAPP Gas Physical Properties MAPP gas is also used in incineration with air for brazing and soldering, where it has a slight advantage over competing for propane fuel because of its higher combustion temperature of 2,020 °C (3,670 °F) in air. MAXRON MAPP Gas is colorless in both liquid and gas form. The gas has a noticeable acetylene-like or fishy odor at concentrations above 100 ppm, due to the addition of substituted amines as a polymerization inhibitor. Low molecular weight alkynes have strong odors. MAPP gas is toxic if inhaled at high concentrations.


Manufacturer MAXRON
Color ‎Yellow
Item Weight ‎1 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎1 x 1 x 1 inches


Made in Korea




The most popular fuel gas contents available in the UAE Market include:


Lower temperature and pressure, also cheaper, mostly utilized in food process and daily uses such as lighters and stoves.


Medium temperature and high pressure, cheap buying. Probably the most popular fuel gas product sells on market, wide range usage from cooking to small soldering projects that do not required high temperature. Those Blue bottles you usually saw in local markets are mostly filled with propane contents.
Camping gas (approximately 70% Butane and 30% Propane): Special formula aim for outdoor uses, especially for camping and climbing sports in high altitude region, provides higher gas pressure than pure butane to make cooking possible in such environment. Usually available in green color, or fat and short bottles.


(99.5-100% propylene): High temperature and high pressure, costs more than propane but also produce higher temperature, so you can work on some brazing or welding projects that have certain temperature requirements. Usually with yellow bottles to mark difference from the blue bottle propane.

Modern MAPP:

Specially designed mixture formula. Similar or even higher temperature compared to 99.5-100% propylene and standard propane products, while with medium gas pressure. Usually used for brazing and welding projects that have certain temperature requirements, such as HVAC, Plumbing, Automobile, DIY and etc., some people also use it for food process to avoid propane odor usually left on the cooked food. With yellow bottles to mark difference from the blue bottle standard propane.


Highest temperature and high gas pressure, filled in large and heavy tanks, usually not hand held portable. Commonly used in professional applications for welding and cutting, seldom seen in home and personal applications.