R417A Refrigerant – MAXRON


R417A Refrigerant – MAXRON

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Quality Refrigerant Gas

Maxron R417A refrigerant Gas is the best choice for your appliances.


  • Two & Three Slices Cans – (320/340/1000 Grams )
  • Disposable Cylinders – (13.6Kg/6.8Kg/3.4Kg)
  • Refillable Cylinders – (6.5Kg/12Kg/60Kg)
  • Torpedo/Ton Tanks – (500kg/950kg)
  • ISO Tankers – (ISO Tank Contains 20,000 Kg)
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Maxron® R417A  is a long term, environmentally friendly, Non-Ozone-depleting, Energy efficient, Non-Toxic, Nonflammable Refrigerant widely used in Automobile Air conditioning, Residential, Commercial and industrial Air conditioning and also used in Medium Temperature Refrigeration, Commercial Refrigeration, Food processing, Storage Refrigeration, Industrial Refrigeration, Transport Refrigeration and also used in High-Temperature heat pumps.

If you need to find the best refrigerant gas suppliers, look no further. Maxron has the best prices and customer service around.



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