WESTRON Auto Ignition Torch HT-1S


WESTRON Auto Ignition Torch HT-1S

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WESTRON Auto Ignition Torch HT-1S


  • Tip spins 360 for various jobs
  • High flame temperature up to 3600F
  • Shorter welding time and less gas consumption
  • The main parts are made of brass and no aluminum is used
  • For use with Mapp or Propane gases


Type : Balanced Pressure Type

Model: HT-1S


Made in Taiwan


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WESTRON Auto Ignition Torch HT-1S

Pure Copper Cable

Made of pure copper oxygen-free cable which makes sure the welding be safe, CNC integrated processing, optimal pure brass copper

Ergonomic Handle

The handle has a good clean ergonomic design, so it fits in your hand better than the OEM gun

Anti-Folding Spring

You can see the high strength plastic spring in the handle and where the gun plugs into the machine, which offers a much better support system than the OEM gun.

Max flame temperature: >3600F(tested with Mapp gas) Caution: Low flame setting will result in overheat of the tip


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