Hongsen Thermal Expansion Valve For Refrigeration System

Hongsen Thermal Expansion Valve For Refrigeration System

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  • It can operate over a wide range of evaporating temperatures.
  • Has a MOP function to prevent compressor motor damage from excessive evaporating pressure.
  • It has both internal and external equaliser options, which can effectively eliminate the impact of evaporator pressure loss.
  • Features a patented membrane structure that enhances its performance at low temperatures.
  • Has a double-sealed bonnet design that minimizes external leakage.
  • It comes with a filter orifice that makes it easy to store, match and maintain.
  • Uses a mixed charging technology for the temperature wrap, which ensures a consistent superheat degree throughout the evaporating temperature range.
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Applicable refrigerants R22/R407C, R134a, R404A
Applicable medium temperature R22/R407C: -40℃~+10℃ R134a: -30℃~+10℃ R404A: -40℃~+10℃
Nominal capacity 2.5KW~15.5KW, 1.8KW~10.5KW, 1.6KW~9.1KW
Adjustable range of superheat 2℃~8℃
Ex-Works static heat adjustable 3.5℃
Maximum working pressure 2.8MPa
Maximum testing pressure 3.2MPa
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