Hongsen Refrigeration CV Brass Check Valve

Hongsen Refrigeration CV Brass Check Valve

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Refrigeration HONGSEN Brass Check Valve One Way Flow

  • With the built-in damper and could be mounted on the piping with pressure pulsation.
  • Prevent refrigerant back flow from high temperature evaporator to low temperature evaporator.
  • Applicable to the refrigeration unit in parallel with compressor.
  • Both direct flow type and right-angle type are available.
Guaranteed Safe Checkout
  • The valve seat and seals of Model CV check valve have excellent sealing performance
  • or Model CV Check valve, both threaded and welded connections are available


Used on the piping of liquid, suction gas or hot air on the freezing, cold storage and air conditioner units, ensure one flow direction and avoid reversal.


Applicable refrigerants HCFC or HFC
Applicable medium temperature -50℃~+140℃
Maximum working pressure 46bar
Maximum test pressure 60MPa
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