Hongsen A/C System Flush Set – HS-1415R

Hongsen A/C System Flush Set – HS-1415R

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Hongsen A/C System Flush Set
Model: HS-1415R

  • Ideal for quickly and effectively old refrigerant oil and debris before compressor replacement or retrofitting system
  • Designed to work with any lightweight AIC flushing material
  • Easy to use-just fill canister, pressurize and flush each component
  • A must when replacing a failed A/C compressor to ensure all debris is cleared from system
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Kindly Reminder: This flushing set is used in air conditioner system, and there is a safety valve. The safety valve will open automatically when the input air pressure is over 200Psi=13.8 Kg. It can avoid to cause injuries because of over pressure.

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