Hongsen KM Diaphragm Hand Valve

Hongsen KM Diaphragm Hand Valve

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  • The hand valve has two stainless steel diaphragms that ensure no leakage throughout its service life.
  • The valve port has an elastic seal that allows the hand valve to be closed with a gentle twist.
  • The valve bonnet has a unique design that protects the hand valve from water or dust damage.
  • The hand valve can be easily adjusted to full or half open by rotating the valve stem one and a half times.
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Hongsen Model KM Hand Valve is a one-way diaphragm stop valve that can be operated manually. It is used for refrigeration, cold storage, and air conditioning systems, where it is attached to the liquid, air suction, and hot air pipes. It has two types of connections: threaded (SAE), with sizes ranging from 1/4 SAE to 3/4 SAE, and welded (ODF), with sizes from 1/4” to 7/8”. All valves have a mounting hole for easy installation on the instrument panel.

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