Elitech ECS-180neo Digital Temperature Controller

Elitech ECS-180neo Digital Temperature Controller

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  • Stable & reliable: approved for Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC) testing.
  • Set parameters easily and conveniently via a copy card.
  • Sensor error alarm.
  • A convenient plug-in connection terminal.
  • Multi-stage output functions: cooling, defrosting, fan, alarm(optional).


Measuring range: -58℉~194℉ or -50℃~90℃(only when sensor calibration is set as 0)
Resolution: 1℉ or 0.1℃
Accuracy: -40℉~122℉,±2℉; 123℉~158℉,±4℉; others,±6℉ or -40℃~50℃,±1℃; 51℃~70℃,±2℃; others, ±3℃
Controlling range: -58℉~185℉ or -50℃~85℃
Power supply: 220±10 %( VAC) 50/60Hz
Power consumption: <3W Input: Cabinet sensor, evaporator sensor, door switch (When door is open, sensor signal: normal open)
Front panel waterproof level: IP65
Work ambient temperature: 32℉~131℉(0℃~55℃)
Storage temperature: -13℉~167℉(-25℃~75℃)
Relative humidity: 20%~85%(non condensing)

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Elitech ECS-180neo temperature controller could be used in the middle and low-temperature medicine cabinet, kitchen cabinet, supermarket split cabinet, air curtain cabinet, island counter, wine cabinet, etc.


  • The controller adopts a building block design concept and users could select defrost, fan, light/external alarm according to their preferences.
  • The function of the evaporator sensor, condenser sensor, door switch and buzzer is optional.
  • Refrigeration relay output could reach 30A/240VAC, which could directly drive a single-phase 1.5Hp compressor.
  • A large panel of color digital tube, work status display, the temperature display resolution is 0.1, the front panel waterproof level IP65.
  • It has a temperature sensor self-test function, and once test the failures, it has multiple protection and alarm methods.
  • Copy card function, convenient for the manufacturing and after-sale service of equipment manufacturers.
  • The temperature measuring unit could switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • With the function of Synchronous defrost switch signal detection, and it could form the network of real-time clock Synchronous defrost.
  • Cabinet temperature over limit alarm has two modes: absolute value and relative value.
  • Light/external alarm relay could be selected by the software, and then select the function of external alarm relay, it could connect the remote alarm bell.
  • If selected to install a standby power supply access unit, it could realize the function of off-power detection and alarm.
  • With the complete control logic of hot-gas defrost start without the pressure difference in the refrigerant pipe, to prevent starting with the pressure, for the purpose of a longer compressor life.
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