Elitech Refrigerant Charging and Recovery Digital Scale 50kg LMC-100F+

Elitech Refrigerant Charging and Recovery Digital Scale 50kg LMC-100F+

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  • High Accuracy and Large capacity
  • One piece casting of the scale platform, robust and durable.
  • Extra large LCD display with background lamp, slip resistant 9*9 weighing platform.
  • Support all refrigerants and is good for all sized popular refrigerant tanks.
  • Housed in a heavy duty case, easy for you to operate
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Elitech LMC-100F+ is a refrigerant scale that combines high accuracy, easy operation, and compact design. It has a thick aluminum platform that ensures consistent performance throughout the product’s lifespan. It also has a rubber pad that protects both the tank and the scale from damage. The Elitech LMC-100F+ is ideal for both large and small systems, as it can measure refrigerant weight with a 5-gram resolution and a ±5g accuracy under any condition. The Elitech LMC-100F+ is the best choice for professionals in the HVAC/R field who need a reliable and precise refrigerant scale.


Max capacity 50kg/110lb
Resolution 2g
Accuracy ±0.05% rdg+5g
Power supply 9V batteries
Operating temperature -10°C~40°C
Storage temperature -15°C~50°C
Overall size 227*227*70 mm/8.9*2.8*2.8 inch
Weight 2KG/4.4lb
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