Compressor Danfoss FR10G 1/3HP

Compressor Danfoss FR10G 1/3HP

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Danfoss FR10G LMHBP HST R134A Refrigeration Compressor Tubed 240V~50Hz 

Dedicated to light commercial applications, Danfoss light commercial reciprocating refrigeration compressors are available in a wide range of cooling capacities. The hermetic reciprocating compressors are characterized by low energy consumption for optimized running costs, are compact, and provide good acoustic performance to ensure end-user and neighborhood convenience. The refrigeration compressors are UL, VDE, CCC and EAC (Euro Asian Conformity) certified and can be used with refrigerants  R134A.

Technical Data:
220/230V 50Hz

power 1/3 Hp – displacement 10 cc

gas R134a HMBP

Danfoss focuses on providing energy-efficient, sustainable, and smart refrigeration compressors for a varied range of commercial applications such as cold rooms, display windows, ice-making machines, glass door merchandisers, process cooling etc.

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