Compressor Danfoss SC15G 1/2HP

Compressor Danfoss SC15G 1/2HP

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The Danfoss compressor consists of types TL, FR, NL, SC, and Twin.
All compressors are supplied with there respective electrics.

This compressor is for the use of the following refrigerant: R134a

L/M/HBP = Low/ Medium/ High Back Pressure.
HST = High start torque

Compressor Motor Types
RSIR = Resistive start inductive run
CSIR = Capacitor start inductive run
CSR  = Capacitor start and run

Technical Specification

Model No. Displacement: cm³/rev Motor Type Oil Charge: cm³
SC15GX 15.28 CSIR 550

Danfoss focuses on providing energy-efficient, sustainable, and smart refrigeration compressors for a varied range of commercial applications such as cold rooms, display windows, ice-making machines, glass door merchandisers, process cooling etc.

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