Danfoss Reciprocating Compressor MT56HL4BVE


Danfoss Reciprocating Compressor MT56HL4BVE

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Danfoss MT56-4VM
Model no: MT56HL4BVE
Made in France

Refrigerant R22(UL Rating) – R417A with 160PZ
380-400V 3~ 50Hz
460V 3~ 60Hz
LR 64,0A 12A MAX
Thermally protected

P.E.D Marking HP Side LP Side
PS 18.40 bar 29.40 bar
TS Max 150.0 ?C 50.0 ?C
TS Min -35.0 ?C -35.0 ?C
Volume 16.9 L 0.7 L

Lubricant: Mineral Oil 160P

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Danfoss Reciprocating Compressor MT56HL4BVE is designed to work with R22 refrigerant and has a nominal cooling capacity of 12.5 kW at 50Hz and 16.5 kW at 60Hz. It has a fixed speed, single phase, and rotolock connection type. It also features an internal overload protector, a relief valve, and a Schrader gauge port for low pressure.

The Danfoss Reciprocating Compressors are part of the MT family of compressors, which are suitable for medium temperature applications such as cold rooms, display cabinets, ice machines, and food processing. The MT compressors are known for their high performance, low noise, and long service life. They are also easy to install and maintain, thanks to the shipped fittings, mounting kit, and installation instructions.

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