WESTRON R-22 Refrigerant Gas 1KG


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Westron  R22 Refrigerant Gas is a universal single-component HCFC Non-Toxic, Nonflammable Refrigerant with low Ozone depletion potential, widely used in Air-conditioning and Refrigeration applications. Westron R22 Used in Residential Air conditions, Split Units, Package Air conditioners, Chillers, Commercial Air conditioning and all type of Comfort cooling systems. Also used in Transport Refrigeration, Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration and other Refrigeration applications. Westron R22 is going through a mandatory phase-out, according to the schedule set by the Montreal Protocol in line with the international agreements on the management of Ozone-depleting chemicals use of R 22 is progressively being phased out stage by stage across the world. All the government authorities are curtailing the import of R22 to switch over to new generation Refrigerants. OEM’s and other users should consult with the Refrigerant Manufacturer for the alternative or retrofit refrigerants.

Westron R22 Refrigerant Gas  Lubrication

Westron R22 works with Mineral oil, ALKYL BENZENE Oil, or POE OIL. OEM’s should cross-check with the “Equipment Manufacturer’s guidelines” for specific Oil selection directions.


Physical And Chemical Properties

Chemical Name:                               Chlorodifluoromethane
Chemical Formula;                            CHCLF2
Molecular Weight:                             86.46 g/mol
Form:                                                Liquefied Gas
Color:                                                Colorless
Odor:                                                 Slight
pH:                                                     Neutral
Melting Point:                                   -160 °C (-256 °F)
Boiling Point:                                    -40.8 °C (-41.4 °F)
Vapor Pressure:                                9,384 hPa at 21.1 °C (70.0 °F)
Vapor Density:                                  21,470 hPa at 54.4 °C (129.9 °F)
Density:                                           1.21 g/cm3 at 21.1 °C (70.0 °F)
Relative Vapor Density:                   3 (Air = 1.0)
Water Solubility:                               3.0 g/l