SIGMA – Universal A/C Remote KT- SUPER1


SIGMA – Universal A/C Remote KT- SUPER1

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Compatible air-conditioning brands: Daikin, Hitachi, Carrier, Panasonic, LG, GREE, Whirlpool, Bosch, Electrolux, Trane, Daewoo, Olympus, Toshiba, Samsung, Sanyo, Cologne,
Chigo, and another 1,000 air conditioners.

How to use

Easy pairing with air conditioners in less than a minute.

Step 1:

Point the remote control at the air conditioner and press and hold the “SET” button for 3 seconds until the code flashes in the lower right corner of the LCD screen of the remote control;

Step 2:

Press the “SET” button again to start the automatic code search procedure. You can see the code change automatically on the LCD screen. (To adjust the code manually, just press the temperature “UP”
or “DOWN” button);

Step 3:

Until you hear a “beep” sound from the air conditioner, it means that the codes match, then press the “OK” button, and the pairing is successful! Note: Air conditioners may have multiple supported codes.
In this case, you can try the above procedure again to enter the correct code.

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This universal air conditioner remote control can completely replace a damaged or missing air-conditioned controller. It can control 1000 types of air conditioners, almost all brands that can be found on the market.


Control distance: 10 meters

Power type: DC 3V

Product size: 13 X 5 X 2 cm / 5.2 X 2 X 0.8 inches

Product weight: 12g / 0.4oz

Power supply: 2 X 1.5V AAA batteries


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