KULTHORN Compressor – AZ 0411Y537


KULTHORN Compressor – AZ 0411Y537

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These compressors can be used for household and commercial refrigerators, water coolers, icemakers, and vending machines.


  • KULTHORN  hermetically sealed reciprocating A/C compressors.
  • High Back Pressure.
  • Use for A/C in tropical environments and for air conditioners
    low noise output,
  • Energy saving compressor, low vibration, direct replacement
  • The motor arrangement uses a start capacitor added to a PSC circuit.
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Product Description

KULTHORN  is a leading Industrial Compressor & Process Equipment Supplier in Thailand. KULTHORN  is a supplier and fabricator of industrial compressors, refrigeration compressors, Surface mounted type compressor, new and modern technology with plug connector. An air filter and a pressure regulator dial at the front, as well as a durable handle with a comfortable grip. It comes in various sizes to accommodate your home needs.

The KULTHORN compressor is an energy-efficient, portable air compressor that works well in both industrial and home settings. It’s reliable and durable, with an oil-free piston pump that maximizes energy efficiency and prevents wear and tear.

In the end, the overall best Compressors for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning


One of the best compressor in the market for HVAC Parts


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