Eliwell Compressor – (GTF 45)


Eliwell Compressor – (GTF 45)

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ELIWELL Compressor

Compressor is a high-quality, compact and portable air compressor that you can use to power your dust collector or air tools in the garage, basement, or even out on the job site. It features a powerful 1 HP motor and quiet operation so that you can work during the day without disturbing others. Built into the compressor is an automatic voltage regulator that maintains power output no matter what your outlet voltage
Eliwell compressors are durable, easy to use, and can provide immediate relief in both hot and cold weather.



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Eliwell compressors are utilized in HVAC applications for air conditioning and heating systems, and they provide some of the most efficient air conditioner and heat pump systems on the market. Despite the fact that the Eliwell compressor is an important component of an air-source air conditioner or heat pump, its efficiency when employed as a modulating compressor can exceed the efficiency ratings of some geothermal systems. When the compressor is linked to an inverter and the appropriate inverter management system, the efficiency of the air-source air conditioner or heat pump system increases to equal that of some geothermal air conditioner or heat pump systems.

The company’s production scale has been steadily increasing. Annual production capacity had increased from 250 thousand to 8 million sets. The organization received ISO9001-14001 integration certification, ISO9002 quality control system certification, and ISO14001 environmental system certification.

Convenient and secure

Eliwell  air compressors are extremely useful since they continually supply air for the essential uses. They are also safe, and mishaps involving the equipment are nearly unheard of.

Reduced Vibration

Because there are fewer moving components, they can be readily balanced and made to the standards. These characteristics help to reduce vibration and resonance, resulting in a quieter and smoother operation.


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