Elitech Think Max EPS-100

Elitech Think Max EPS-100

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Elitech’s new line of Think Max digital controllers add the latest in design and functionality for low and medium temperature refrigeration applications. As part of this new product family, the EPS-100 version features different dimensions, a large display, two outlets for cooling, two outlets for fans, two outlets for defrosting, two outputs for lamps, one output for alarm, internal audible alarm, input for UPS (external battery), three inputs for sensors and RS-232 communication.

  • Modular design for software and hardware to meet customized demands for optional input and output configuration;
  • Driving up to 6 channels of loads;
  • Optional defrost sensor, condenser sensor, door switch and buzzer;
  • Up to 20A/240VAC cooling relay output, directly driving 2HP/240VAC single-phase compressor.
  • White LED display for indication of various symbols of working status with Celsius temperature accurate to 0.1°C:
  • With temperature sensor self-test function, multiple protection and alarm modes
    available if a fault is detected;
  • Copy card and one-key parameter reset functions are convenient for production and after-sales service to manufacturers;
  • Supporting various configuration modes of digital signals and various types of digital signal input modes;
  • Out-of-limit alarm per absolute temperature or relative temperature;
  • Hot gas defrost delay protects the compressor, extending service life;
  • Two classes of ECO-DOOR modes, automatically recognizing routine mode ECO mode r class 1 and ECO mode class 2;
  • Supporting TTL/485 master-slave communication, similar to MODBUS protocol;
  • Vertical waterproof front panel: IP65, with anti-seepage structure for mounting hole, and optional anti-drip cover for harsh application environment such as kitchens;
  • With ELITECH special module to form 2G/4G/WIFI network; supporting base station GPS positioning and ELITECH ICOLD service;
  • The master is able to write/read the controller parameters, and read the controller’s working and error status, and the slave assigned/ synchronized to defrost, power on/off, or turn on/off light;
  • Applicable to supermarket cabinets, cake and ice-cream showcases, etc. by connecting to external display TPM-950.
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