Copper Harris Brazing Rod

Copper Harris Brazing Rod

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Product Description

Harris Brazing Rod is your Essential Metal Joining Solution. If you’re thinking of some product that can securely unite two metals, Harris Brazing Rod is the ultimate filler material you can rely on. Our exquisite brazing rods are developed to melt seamlessly upon heating which proves to make a sturdy bond between your metals. You can find our Brazing Rods utilized in many industries including HVAC, Refrigeration, and metalworking. Not just for joining new metals, our Brazing Rods can assist you in repairing and maintaining old alloys. You can also use our Harris Brazing Rod to join copper and copper alloys like Brass and Bronze.


  • 28 Stick Tubes
  • Size: 2 mm
  • Harris 0® – 0% Silver Phos Copper Brazing Rod 0620F1
  • 1/8″ X .050 X 20″ brazing sticks
  • Chemical Composition: 0% Silver, 7.1% Phosphorus, Balance Copper
  • AWS/A5.8 Class BCuP-2
  • Liquidus Temperature: 1475°F (802°C)
  • Solidus Temperature: 1310°F (710°C)


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Benefits of Harris Brazing Rod:

  • Have Corrosion-Resistance Features
  • Phosphorous alloy cleans itself hence less mess after Brazing
  • Convenient Size and can be tweaked according to specific requirements.
  • Has exceptional high-temperature endurance due to its high Liquidus Temperature
  • Optimal Strength and Flexibility
  • Acts as an excellent Fluxing Agent and provides you with clean, oxide-free joints.
  • Phenomenally Economical and cost-effective due to the absence of Sliver coating
  • Proves extraordinary repair and maintenance material

Applications of Harris Brazing Rod:

  • Applicable in HVAC/R Industry
  • Applicable in Automotive Industry
  • Applicable in Plumbing
  • Applicable in Metalworking
  • Serves in Copper to Copper Brazing
  • Serves in Copper to Copper Alloys Brazing
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