Copper Harris Brazing Rod

*Made in USA*

Product Description

Harris Brazing Rod is used in the process of joining metals in which a filler metal is heated and then distributed over base metals joining the work pieces with the help of Brazing Rods.

Copper Brazing Rod for the repairing, maintenance, and joining of copper and copper alloys


  • 28 Stick Tubes
  • Size: 2 mm
  • Harris 0® – 0% Silver Phos Copper Brazing Rod 0620F1
  • 1/8″ X .050 X 20″ brazing sticks
  • Chemical Composition: 0% Silver, 7.1% Phosphorus, Balance Copper
  • AWS/A5.8 Class BCuP-2
  • Liquidus Temperature: 1475°F (802°C)
  • Solidus Temperature: 1310°F (710°C)