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WESTRON Brazing Rod is used for metal joining and fabrication. The Rod is melted and integrated between the other two metals to create strong, reliable, and long-lasting bonds. The Brazing Process undertaken by our marvelous brazing rods proves to create sturdy load-bearing joints.


  • Brand: WESTRON®
  • Size: (1.27mmx3.2mm)
  • O Phos-Copper Brazing Alloy
  • Solidus – 1310F/710C    .050”x1/8” brazing sticks
  • Liquidus 1475F/802C    (1.27mmx3.2mm)
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Features of Westron Brazing Rod:

  • Low-cost brazing rod due to the absence of any silver coating.
  • Is non-corrosive and saves your joints from rusting.
  • Is smooth-flowing due to its excellent temperature range
  • High Liquidus temperature makes the brazing immune to high temperatures. 
  • Can be applicable in different projects due to its reliable sizing. 
  • Contains phosphorus which acts as a natural fluxing agent hence making the whole brazing process smooth and clean.
  • Provides optimal performance in repair, maintenance, and brazing process. 
  • Melting temperatures are reliable in strengthening the joint buildup. 

Applications of Westron Brazing Rod:

  • Applicable in wiring of Refrigeration systems 
  • Applicable in Automotive Industry
  • Applicable in Plumbing 
  • Applicable in Metalworking
  • Brazing in Copper to Copper 
  • Brazing in Copper to Copper Alloys


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