Welding Torch Model – GZ-7011 – WESTRON


Welding Torch Model – GZ-7011 – WESTRON

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Welding Torch Model – GZ-7011 – WESTRON

  • Self-Igniting Torch
  • Auto Ignition
  • Adjustable Flame
  • Anti Flare Feature
  • Stainless Steel Burner Tube
  • Portable/Lightweight
  • Easy To Use

Pure Copper Cable

Made of pure copper oxygen-free cable which makes sure the welding be safe, CNC integrated processing, optimal pure brass copper

Ergonomic Handle

The handle has a good clean ergonomic design, so it fits in your hand better than the OEM gun

Anti-Folding Spring

You can see the high strength plastic spring in the handle and where the gun plugs into the machine, which offers a much better support system than the OEM gun.


*Made in Taiwan*

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Welding Torch Model – GZ-7011 – WESTRON


Easily Tailor Flame for Different Applications Heavy duty adjustable brass knob makes it easy to size the flame for different applications, prevent getting burnt by strong flame 200000 Ignitions Tested Heavy Duty Built Housing Cast aluminum handle making for a comfortable grip and long lasting use

【High Intensity Swirl Flame】

The propane torch provides high temperature blue flame with propane fuel (flame burns at 3600F) or MAPP Gas (flame burns at 3730F), output maximum focused heat for large diameter brazing, welding, and soldering projects

【Save Gas and Labor with Instant on Trigger Start】

Easier pulling trigger for ignition and releasing to turn off, saving fuels when intermittent use; regulator Valve for consistent flame when tilted and keep the light on for free fingers, also prevent accidental ignition

【Multiple Purpose】

This torch tip is perfect for soldering copper pipes up to 3/4″, brazing, heat treating, loosening bolts, light welding, stripping paint, sous vide Cooking, searing steak etc.



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