Timer TMDBM8322-4

Timer TMDBM8322-4

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TMDB Series M8308 Refregeraor parts Refrigerator Freezer Defrost Timer


Model Rated Voltage Switch Rating Defrost time Cycle Time Power Cosumption
 50Hz  60Hz  50Hz  60Hz
TMDBM8322X 208-240V AC250V/6A  29m40s  25m 9H36m 8h MAX 3W
TMDBM8322 208-240V AC250V/6A  25m20s 21m6s 9H36m 8h
TMDBM8308X 100-120V AC125V/9A  24m12 20m 9H36m 8h
TMDBM8308 100-120V  AC125V/9A  24m12 20m 9H36m 8h
TMDBM8429X 100-120V AC125V/9A   25m20s 21m6s 7H12m 6h
TMDBM8429 100-120V AC125V/9A  29m40s 25m 7H12m 6h
TMDBM8429CRX 208-240V AC250V/6A  36m25s 31m 7H12m 6h
TMDBM8431 208-240V AC250V/6A  24m12s 20m 7H12m 6h
TMDBM8429RX 100-120V  AC125V/9A   37m20s 32m16s 7H12m 6h
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