Pinch off pliers- WESTRON


Pinch off pliers- WESTRON

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Pinch Off Pliers has special radius jaws to avoid damaging hoses. They are lightweight and nonconductive. Pinch Off Plier is for use on all brake and fuel lines.

Size: Throat 7″, Depth 1″, Jaw Thickness 1/4″

Design and Usage:

  • Drop Forged Steel Jaws.
  • Pinches off and locks on the tubing. Leaves both hands free to do other work.
  • Specially designed for the refrigeration industry.
  • Pinches off and locks on copper tubing.
  • It is very handy, quick and easy to use – promptly blocks the flow of outgoing gas.
  • So strong but still simple to use.
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WESTRON Pinch off Pliers

Westron offers a variety of hose clamp and Pinch-Off pliers. The hose clamp pliers are available in straight, angled, heavy-duty, and corbin styles.  Hose Pinch-Off pliers are available to accept 4 hose diameters: up to 3/4″, up to 1″, up to 1-1/4″, and up to 2-1/2″. They’re a must have for every mechanic’s toolbox.


Small 8-inch plier works great for pinching off small engine fuel hoses or fragile 1/4-inch (6.4mm) plastic water lines under your kitchen sink; Medium 10-inch and large 12-inch pliers clamp off radiator hoses on coolant recovery tank; This entire set can safely be used on washing machine drain hoses, automotive hose lines, radiator lines, fuel lines, coolant lines, and more with zero damage


Plastic hose pinchers do not work efficiently and can easily become misaligned, break, or even damage your application hoses; This metal pliers set is extremely durable and safe to use on all hoses; All 3 pliers in set include metal serrated teeth that are strong and make it much quicker and easier than attempting to zip tie the hose

Easy to Use Pinch off Pliers

To use, simply use the ratcheting mechanism to close the jaws and squeeze shut your desired hose. The plier jaws swivel to ensure a complete shut off, so there is no need to worry about leakage.

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