NA-14AB Electric Motor


NA-14AB Electric Motor

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Evaporator fan motor, Freezer Fan Motor

Two-pole motor:
Voltage: 100-250V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Fan diameter: Φ 100—φ 170
Input power: 5-20W,
Rotate speed: 1000-3000rpm

Four-pole motor:
Voltage: 100-270V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Fan diameter: Φ 170—φ 300
Input power: 20-50W,
Rotate speed: 1200-1400rpm

Condensate fan motor, GE fan motor, C frame evaporator fan motor, exhaust fan motor, oven fan motor, synchronous motor, cross-flow fan motor, shake fan motor, gear motor, etc.

Model Voltage Frequency Current Input power Rotation
NA-14AB 220V 50/60hz 0.085A 8.5W CCW
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