Fastcool R410a Refrigerant Gas


Fastcool R410a Refrigerant Gas

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Fastcool R410a refrigerant is a non-ozone depleting, non-toxic and nonflammable near Azeotropic blend of two refrigerants namely R-125 (50%) and R-32 (50%). It is developed for medium temperature refrigeration applications, residential and commercial air-conditioning applications like small chillers and heat pumps, dehumidifiers, etc

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Fastcool R 410A refrigerant has been proved as a better refrigerant than R 22 because during various tests it has shown 5 to 6% higher energy efficiency rating (EER) compared with R-224. This makes the OEM manufacturers design compact air conditioning equipment and that is the reason millions of compact air-condition units are sold around the world where Westron R 410A is used as refrigerants4.

Fastcool R410a refrigerant gas can be used with Polyolester (POE) and not with Mineral Oil or Alkyl Benzene Lubricant since it is not miscible with Refrigerants. POE Oil absorbs moisture quickly when it is exposed to the atmosphere. Therefore, it is important to handle this very carefully and avoid prolonged exposure to air2.

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