Insulated Copper - Westron

Available Sizes

Copper Insulated 1/4×0.60mm & 1/2×0.70mm 7.5M
Copper Insulated 1/4×0.61mm & 1/2×0.71mm 3M
Copper Insulated 1/4×0.61mm & 1/2×0.71mm 4M
Copper Insulated 1/4×0.61mm & 1/2×0.71mm 5M
Copper Insulated 1/4×0.61mm & 1/2×0.71mm 7M
Copper Insulated 1/4×0.61mm & 3/8×0.81mm 3M
Copper Insulated 1/4×0.61mm & 3/8×0.81mm 4M
Copper Insulated 1/4×0.61mm & 3/8×0.81mm 5M
Copper Insulated 1/4×0.61mm & 5/8X0.71mm 3M
Copper Insulated 1/4X0.61mm & 5/8X0.71mm 5M
Copper Insulated 1/4×0.61mm & 5/8X0.71mm 7M
Copper Insulated 3/8X0.61mm & 5/8×0.71mm 3M
Copper Insulated 3/8X0.61mm & 5/8X0.71mm 5M
Copper Insulated 3/8X0.61mm & 5/8×0.71mm 7M
Copper Insulated 3/8×0.70mm & 5/8×0.70mm 7.5M
Copper Insulated 3/8X0.81mm & 3/4 1.14mm 5M
Copper Insulated 3/8X0.81mm & 3/4 1.14mm 7M



Heat resistance Heat conduction  coefficient Heat resistance shrink ratio% Water suction coefficient mg/cm2 Expansion ratio Breaking Elongation % reducibility% Density g/cm3 Compressive strength Tensile strength Mpa
120℃ ≤0.03 ≤7 ≤0.08 30±2 79.6 4.42 0.033


0.06 0.28


Chemical Composition(%)







Copper Pair Coil with Insulation Coat and Brass Nut

The Copper Pair Coil with an insulation coat can be used in all plants for air conditioning and refrigeration and it is suitable for the use of refrigerating gas consistent with copper like R407 and R410A.

The in-line production control by a defector and the continuous control of the external diameter and wall thickness guarantee the maximum safety of the copper tubes. The tubes are supplied clean, internally decreased and capped. Copper Pair Coil with insulation coat and brass nut