WESTRON Dual Barrels Welding Torch WT-10

WESTRON – Dual Barrels Welding Torch – WT- 10

With 1.5m Hose

  • Auto- Lighter -Trigger start for easy lighting
  • Single & Double Tube Switch -Fit For Different Applications
  • Handy Switch -On/Off Switch


Manufacturer :              WESTRON 
Item Weight :               ‎ 1.53 pounds
Package Dimensions : ‎11.69 x 3.98 x 1.69 inches
Color :‎                          Black

*Made in Taiwan*


WESTRON Dual Barrels Welding Torch WT-10


【Durable High Quality Torch 】

It is made of a solid die-cast torch body and solid brass, which is comfortable to handle and resistant to high temperatures. propane torch head is equipped with an ergonomic non-slip handle.

【MAPP Propone Torch】

This high intensity trigger start torch is ideal suitable for various flame styles. Concentrated high heat output, perfect for welding,brazing,heat shrinkage, loose bolts, paint stripping, vacuum cooking, burning steak, etc.

【Safer to Use】

This soldering torch has a built-in safety lock and flame control valve to prevent accidental ignition. Equipped with trigger start ignition button, it can easily ignite, quickly extinguish, simple operation, more efficient and safer.

【Adjustable Control】

Our torch head is equipped with an adjustable flame control knob, which can easily adjust the swirling flame according to different usage scenarios. And there is a flame lock button to keep the flame in continuous use and ensure stable performance when the control valve is tilted. So you don’t have to hold the trigger