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Refrigerant gases are one of the most vital components of an AC or HVAC. They are responsible for maintaining optimum cooling efficiency in your machine. At Al Tawakkal General Trading LLC, we understand the importance of refilling and topping up refrigerant gas in your AC or HVAC. As a result, we provide some of the most trustworthy and affordable types of AC gas in the UAE.

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Types of Refrigerant Gas

There are a total of 5 types of globally recognised refrigerant gases available in the UAE. These include:

  • Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

One of the earliest AC gases in usage, CFCs include potent refrigerant gases like R11, R12, and R115. 

  • Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs)

HCFCs have almost entirely replaced CFCs globally and in Dubai. Some popular HCFCs you may know include the immensely sought-after R22 refrigerant gas, along with others like R123 and R124.

  • Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)

This is the most popular and widely available type of gas you can use in your AC or HVAC systems. HFCs include gases like R32, R125, R134A, R245CA, R245FA, R404A, R407C, R410A, R507A, and the R508B. 

  • Fluorocarbons (FCs)

FCs are one of the most environmentally friendly gases for refrigeration purposes. Some common FC gases include R403 and R408.

  • Hydrocarbons (HCs)

HCs do not have any negative impact on the ozone layer and are considered the gold standard of sustainable refrigerant gas in the UAE. The most widely used HC in Dubai is the R600A refrigerant gas.

Most Trusted Refrigerant Gas Suppliers in Dubai, UAE

As one of the most trusted suppliers of AC and HVAC gas in Dubai, we at Al Tawakkal General Trading LLC offer you a wide range of products. Whether you prefer traditional HCFCs, the readily available HFCs or the more sustainable HCs, we have it all. 

Moreover, if you are worried about the AC gas price in the UAE, you can rest assured that our gases are sold at highly competitive prices. 

Our Selection of Refrigerant Gases

Being a highly reliable AC gas supplier in the UAE, our range of gases includes not only HCFCs but also the popular HFCs and the new HCs. 

  • HCFC Refrigerant Gas

If you wish to simply top-up your older AC or HVAC unit, then you could check out our HCFC gases.

  • R22 

Also known as Chlorodifluoromethane, the R22 refrigerant gas is possibly the most popular one used in Dubai. This gas is also known as ‘Freon’ in the refrigeration industry. While it has been deemed to be harmful to the Ozone layer, it still has prolific applications. If your AC or HVAC is older than 10 years, it probably still needs R22. 

Some of our popular brands of R22 gas are Forane®, ELIWELL, MAXRON, REFRON, MAFRON, and WESTRON.

  • HFC Refrigerant Gases

If your AC is of a newer make, then you will most probably need to check out our affordable HFC gases.

  • R32 

This gas is also known as Difluoromethane and reportedly has a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) than R410A and R407C. If you are looking for an efficient gas for both AC and refrigeration, then you should opt for R32. 

When choosing an R32 gas, you can consider our in-house brand named MAXRON for higher levels of cooling efficiency at home.

  • R134A

If you are looking for a multipurpose gas that can be used in both household refrigerators as well as automobile ACs, then R134A is the gas for you. Moreover, it is the perfect replacement for the harmful CFC known as R12. 

Some prominent brands of R134A we offer include Fastcool, Forane®, MAXRON, WESTRON, FLORON, and ELIWELL.

  • R290

Propane, also known as R290, is a highly effective refrigerant gas and can easily replace the R404A and R407C running in your refrigerator, AC, HVAC, or other equipment. It also has a very low GWP. 

If you plan to choose our R290 gas, then one of our most popular manufacturers like MAXRON has it readily available.

  • R404A

Sold under the trademarked name of Freon™, this gas is the perfect blend of refrigerants like R125, R134A, and R143A. If you own a commercial refrigeration unit, then this is the gas you can purchase without second thoughts. 

For example, Fastcool, WESTRON, MAXRON, ELIWELL etc. are just some of the diverse brands of R404A that we have at our disposal. 

  • R407C

Also sold under the same name Freon™, R407C is an effective replacement for the older R22 gas. If you are looking to upgrade the efficiency levels of your commercial or residential ACs, you can choose our R407C gas.

We provide only the most trusted brands of R407C like MAXRON, WESTRON, and Forane®.

  • R410A

Just like our R404A, the R410A is also a careful blend of 3 refrigerants – R22, R152A, and R124. However, you should never retrofit equipment that runs on R22 with this gas. You can always read through the instruction manual of your equipment to see whether it supports R410A. 

Our wealth of renowned brands of AC gases like Fastcool, WESTRON, MAXRON, ELIWELL, and 

  • R417A

This gas is an excellent oil carrier, making it an excellent replacement for R22. If you wish to retrofit your older AC or HVAC unit and discard the usage of environmentally harmful R22, then our R417A is the best option. 

Moreover, when choosing R417A, you should trust only the most sought-after refrigerant gases like MAXRON and WESTRON.

  • R507A

This is a newer class of HFCs and is effectively a replacement for the older R502 gas. If you plan to refill the gas in equipment with wet evaporation systems, then you will find that our R507A is the most feasible solution.

Besides global brands like Forane®, you will always find our in-house brands of R507A like WESTRON and MAXRON.

  • HC Refrigerant Gas

If you plan to integrate sustainability into your operations, then we recommend our environmentally friendly HC gases. 

  • R600A

When choosing sustainable refrigerant gases in Dubai with the lowest possible GWP, you can consider our highly efficient R600A gas. Moreover, if your machine currently operates on R12 or R134A, then R600A can be an effective replacement gas. 

This green AC gas is manufactured by both MAXRON and WESTRON and is perfect for 

Why Order From Us?

At Al Tawakkal General Trading LLC, we not only supply you with genuine and reliable products but also ensure that you make an informed choice. While we provide you with all the details necessary for each type of refrigerant gas, you can also reach out to us for additional advice to help guide your purchase of AC gases in Dubai. 

So, whether you own an older brand of AC/HVAC or cutting-edge cooling and refrigeration technology, Al Tawakkal General Trading LLC is your one-stop shop for refrigerant gases in Dubai.

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