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Copper Coils

For an air conditioner to function properly, copper coils are essential. The condenser and evaporator coils come in two different varieties. These coils each serve a unique purpose. Naturally, you anticipate that they will perform well. In the normal course of events, copper is the material most frequently utilized to create AC coils.

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Wide Range of Sizes for Copper coils

Regardless of the diameter, our copper coils satisfy all requirements. Compact, economical tube diameters with soldered joints are used in forced-circulation hot heating systems, which need a small installation space.

Type DWV tube has been effectively used in drainage systems for a long time. For the purpose of fire prevention and water distribution risers in inter buildings. Cost-effective methods for joining large-diameter tubes include brazing and soldering. The better hydraulic-flow properties of copper enable accurate tube and pump sizing.

The Leading Suppliers of High Quality Copper Coils

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Features of Copper Coils That Transfer Heat

A copper coil is more effective at transporting heat because it has a conductivity that is roughly double that of an aluminum coil. An air conditioner or heat pump uses the refrigeration principle. The transfer of heat from one area where it is undesirable to another where it is not is the classic definition of refrigeration.

Use of heat-moving or heat-transfer-efficient materials is also crucial. The winner in this case is copper. Refrigeration enables the operation of air conditioning systems.

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