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Good Quality & Premium AC and Refrigerator Compressor: Best Compressor Suppliers UAE

Welcome to Al Tawakkal – a single destination for all your AC Compressors and Refrigerator Compressors needs. We provide an extensive range of compressors to fulfill your cooling requirements. Our compressors are equipped with substantial specifications and benefits leaving no room for fault and malfunctioning. Manufactured by the best manufacturers in the market, we only deliver top-notch quality products to our customers. No one knows the quality of our compressors better than we in the market, as our manufactured compressors have gone through several rough tests to prove their durability, and then only, they can make their place on our front shelves.

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Al Tawakkal’s Compressors are a staple of modern life. Our customers trust us mostly because we only source our products through Original Equipment Manufacturers and we know the market better than anyone else as we are the primary supplier of these machines. Rest assured 90% of our products are made only from brand new compressor parts.

Working of a Compressor:

The purpose of the compressor is vivid from its name; it compresses the gas before sending it to the condenser by raising its temperature. The gas is converted into liquid form first before flowing towards the condenser. They play a critical role in regulating the temperature and humidity in your living space, ensuring your comfort all year round.

Let’s take a deeper look at the functioning of the AC Compressor.

AC Compressor is fueled by a Drive Belt with which the Compressor Clutch Pulley is connectedThe Belt is attached to the Crankshaft of the engine. As the engine turns, it initiates the rotation of the Clutch Pulley but the compressor doesn’t start working right away. Compressor functions when air conditioning and defrost mode is ‘ON’ on the AC.

The compressor starts when the Hub and Shaft of the Field Coil which is linked with the clutch pulley is magnetized by the electric pull. When the compressor starts, it raises the pressure which raises the temperature of the refrigerant significantly. Expansion is caused by the pressurized refrigerant which helps in pumping the refrigerant into a high-pressure pipe that goes to the condenser.

Now the condenser fan works by blowing the cool air over the gas which will cool it down further. Once the refrigerant is cooled down, it evaporates after absorbing heat from the environment and brings the temperature down of your living space.

The refrigerant now moves back to the compressor through the low-pressure line to repeat the whole cycle again.

What makes our Compressors Reliable?

Our compressors go through rigorous tests of time to prove their credibility and agility. 

  • Long-term testing to assess their top-class quality and durability
  • Every single unit is evaluated completely before it arrives at your doorstep.
  • Transit tested which includes altitude testing, shock testing, compression, and vehicle vibration. Transit testing is done using only strong and substantial packaging so the equipment doesn’t get damaged.
  • Acknowledged vastly because they meet the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) requirements in their fitting, formation, and functioning.

Signs of a Malfunctioned Compressor:

Even though compressors can work efficiently for 10-15 years without malfunctioning if proper maintenance is being done, still some signs can indicate early wear and tear. You can look for:

  • A heated cabin space
  • Un moveable clutch
  • Not cooling the living space as it should
  • Leaked Refrigerant
  • Loud Scratching or Grinding Noises come when operating the Compressor
  • Extra Fuel Consumption

Now these signs don’t necessarily mean that you need to replace the compressor, some of these signs only require the refilling of the oil.

Reasons for AC and Fridge Compressors Malfunction:

There can be a plethora of reasons for a compressor to malfunction. Most of those reasons are caused by lack of maintenance and overlooking.

  • Inadequate Lubrication: Substantial lubrication is crucial for the compressor to work up to the mark. The lubricate should neither be too high nor too low to operate properly.
  • Wrong Choice of Oil: If you are using oil of subpar standard, it will ruin the parts of the compressor. Specific parts of the compressor require a specific type of oil for working, if failing to provide so, the compressor will malfunction. The oil must also be uncontaminated.
  • Imbalanced Refrigerant Levels: Similar to compressors, refrigerant levels must be kept in check. Too low refrigerant levels or too high refrigerant levels can prove to be destructive for the evaporator.
  • Incomplete Replacement: Don’t forget to replace the accumulator with the Compressor. Both of these equipment go hand in hand.
  • Overheating: Overheating and overworking of the compressor can lead to leakage or malfunction. All the parts must be protected from pollution from other components after the replacement because they are also at risk of failure.

Why you should choose our Compressors?

Our compressors with their top-notch quality and timeless functionality are enough a prove that there is no product matched to their performance in the market.

  • Compact Design: 

The time of bulky equipment has gone. Our compressors are designed by professional engineers and OEMs who are able to develop very lightweight, compact, and compatible compressors that can be mounted anywhere in the living space and won’t ruin the living-space aesthetics.

  • Range Versatility:

Al-Tawakkal has a broad range of compressors that cover all the types of compressors that you can ever need. Whether you need Rotary Compressors or Reciprocating Compressors, we have the best of both. Our Compressors also come in Fixed-Speed and Variable Speed. 

  • Trouble-Free Installation: 

You can install our compressors at your home without any hassle. Our compressors are easy to put together and operate. We have different compressors for different applications. You can consult our team to ask the right fit for you.

  • Outstanding Reliability:

Our compressors need to pass through strict testing after which they are approved to be presented to our customers. Our designs are also customer-centric and have very low chances of failure.

  • Noise Levels:

Our Compressors are soundproof or produce little to no sound contributing to a noise-pollution-free environment. Our AC and Refrigerator Compressors are perfect for residential areas as these areas prefer quiet operation of machines.

Exceptional Features of Our Compressors

Our Refrigerator and AC Compressors possess a variety of different features that are worthy of your attention.

  • Compact Design
  • Suitable for Medium and Low Temperature Applications
  • Available in Standard and Custom Sizes
  • Energy-Efficiency
  • Automatic Standby Protection
  • I-line breaker panels
  • Alarm Relays
  • Lights
  • Compressor Contractors
  • Defrost Time Clocks/Programmers
  • Delay Timers
  • Breakers
  • Compressor Contractors

Our Services:

We don’t only deal in new compressors; our repute also includes the remanufacturing of compressors. The remanufacturing process also involves running the compressors under severe tests to confirm their mobility and superior optimal functionality.

If any fault is found in any part of the compressor, it is replaced with a brand-new part or completely discarded. Our engineering, designing, research, and development services are always available for our customers.

One more perk of our remanufactured compressors is that they are coreless and you don’t have to spend extra money on the cores. We’re also well-accomplished in providing services for your existing compressor equipment so their functionality can last for many years down the road.

  • All these Services are provided at minimal costs and are budget-friendly for the customer.

Components of a Compressor

You will find six components in total in your compressor.

  • Thrust Bearings (endures stress from the belt)
  • Swash Plates, Valve, Shaft (Strengthen the whole machine, made with aluminum alloy)
  • Oil (Our compressors use only OE-specified oil)
  • Pistons (Operate effortlessly due to PRFE polished Surface)
  • Snap Rings (cope with high temperatures without any extra strain)
  • O-Rings and Seals (An additional kit for safe installation and leak prevention)

If you have any questions or need further assistance regarding AC and Refrigerator Compressors in Dubai, UAE, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our expert team is ready to provide guidance and support to help you make the right choice for your cooling system needs. Don’t compromise on cooling efficiency and reliability—choose the right compressor for your application today!

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